HAUTEBUTCH Fashion Collection is a vibrant outward expression of dressing that represents the core of a butch woman’s gender presentation.

For fierce butch female fashions, HAUTEBUTCH offers a wide range of affordable yet quality clothing. From unique blazers, color contrasting dress shirts,sleek and highly tailored vests, preppy pastel polos- butch style seekers can consider this label a “go to destination for all things butch.”

Finally,A clothing line made by a butch woman for butch women.

At the helm is KMichelle,Founder, Designer and CEO of the company.



KMichelle is an African-American Butch Woman that celebrates the fact that butch women feel most empowered when they are in clothes and shoes that they connect with…that externally expresses their visibility.

Many butch women relate closely to menswear and are often frustrated by the lack of fitted, stylish clothing and the limited choices that promote a feeling of confidence and power.

HAUTEBUTCH provides cutting-edge androgynous looks and sizzling style that empower women that prefer a fitted, menswear inspired look. Our fashion collection presents tough on the outside yet tender to the heart of the butch identity.

Who is the HAUTEBUTCH Clientele?

The woman I design for loves who she is, she’s proud and strong but maybe her oversized, drab colored, menswear doesn’t show it. Or maybe she loves clothes, but she wants to live more consciously.

Maybe she’s always complaining about not having anything to wear even though she has a closet full of stuff, or maybe she’s feeling her sense of confidence is drowning in the only fashion that she can ALMOST relate to.

HAUTEBUTCH was designed to bridge the gap for these women, between their selves, styles, lifestyles, and values. To be honest, the concept of HAUTEBUTCH was created with me in mind. I am that woman. And I know she might be you too or someone that you know.

We are proud, capable individuals that are in need of our very own unique fashion expression.

We endeavor to be the fashion for lifestyle center where women of all identities and transmen can find the type of clothing that are specifically designed to be self expressive and work for their individual lifestyles.




Ours is a vision that requires great courage and conviction.


We hold the vision to build a fashion, footwear
and lifestyle brand that celebrates diversity, inspires
acceptance and fosters the expression of individuality.

We want to completely set a new standard
and class for the way our community
shops for clothes.

When you place an order with us, you will be
selecting your garments from a company that
was conceived with innovation and will succeed
as a result of determination, strong work ethic
and conviction.





Integrity sets the standard for everything we do.
We strive to be honest, ethical, and fair.
Our merchandise is designed with the utmost
care and sophistication. We are responsible,
leading by example and concentrating
on doing the right thing every time.



Our vision requires the courage and conviction
to believe that we will build a great company
that changes the world.



We are passionate about everything
we design and create. We are led by
the Inspiration that we get to be proudly
represented by a community that we
love and honor.



Our community requires and deserves
our respect. They’re the reason we can
be inspired and excited to show up with
enthusiasm every single day.



A laser focus and attention to craft,
to fabrics, colors and detail of our
merchandise. Their durability will continue
to allow personality to shine for years as
their wearers bear the name and aim of the
Hautebutch mission.



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Our community rallied and generously aligned with us to ensure that we met our Kickstarter goal. As a result, you have breathed life into our project. You will forever be a part of our fabric and we are ever so grateful to each of you.

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